TOURNAMENT FORMAT: Games for Pinto, Mustang, and Bronco begin Friday 5 p.m. Pony games begin on Sunday. There is a 3-game minimum for all teams. After 2 round robin games, teams will be seeded for a single elimination playoff. In larger divisions, the playoffs may be separated into gold and silver brackets so that similarly skilled teams will play one another. Every game counts - no consolation games!





Mercy Rule

Pinto (8 & under)

38-ft mound

60-ft bases


10 runs after 4 innings

Mustang (10 & under)

46-ft mound

60-ft bases


10 runs after 4 innings

Bronco (12 & under)

50-ft mound

70-ft bases


10 runs after 4 innings

Pony (14 & under)

54-ft mound

80-ft bases


10 runs after 5 innings



Age Requirement

August 31 cut-off date

Proof of age required at check-in

Time Limit

1:40 no new inning, 2:00 drop dead

No time limit for Championship Round


Please note: This is a league All-Star only tournament for ages 7 to 14, no travel or club teams will be allowed without the prior approval of the Tournament Director.

TOURNAMENT FEE: $550 to be paid in advance (by Paypal or check) plus a box of baseballs to be brought to check-in at tournament

TOURNAMENT LOCATION: Cheviot Hills Park, 2551 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064